Common Questions About This Portal

Why is Coles requesting this content?: Digital channels are an increasing part of how our customers shop the Coles range. Our customers research, build shopping lists and buy product in our mobile and web platforms. Product images and data are an essential part of giving our customers the information they need to make their product choices.

What happens if we do not provide this content?: Coles currently does not list products on the web platform which do not have any images. Sales also tend to be lower for products that do not have information, especially for new products, as customers do not get the information they need.

Can I use any provider to produce images?: Yes, all that Coles require is images to be of the standard required for our ecommerce site.

Can I use any provider to give Coles our data?: Yes, all that we require is for the Coles upload template to be completed accurately and consistent  with the content format already on the Coles web site. This can be downloaded here. Any organisation can complete this form.

Can I provide content for non food products?: Yes, but this can only be done by populating the upload template.

Can I provide additional content such a videos?: Currently we can only take the information from the upload spreadsheet. Over time we will be able to take additional extended content

Who are SKUvantage?: SKUvantage are managing this portal on behalf of Coles. SKUvantage have provided significant content to Coles during the development of the Coles web site. This experience means that by working with them or entering content into this portal, it will help reduce errors and ensure a an efficient loading of your products. More information about SKUvantage is at the bottom of this page.

Are we compelled to use SKUvantage or this portal? No, you can provide content to Coles directly as outlined under the various options available.

What is the image standard for the online?: Any image provided for the digital channels must meet the following criteria

  • 1000×1000 pixels minimum
  • White background
  • Front pack shot (not 3D)
  • Named as [SELLID].jpg
  • 300dpi
  • JPG, RGB format
  • Well lit and good quality photography


Can  images be re-used in catalogue?: Catalogue images have a higher specification than images for online, therefore catalogue images can be used for online, but not always vice versa.

Any other questions? Please complete this form below, or contact your Coles Buyer. If your firewall has blocked this form, please access it here.

More information about SKUvantage

Main logo full resSKUvantage supported Coles to provide product content and images for 23,000 products as part of the re-launch of Coles Online and have a deep understanding of how the Coles Online business works. SKUvantage is able to capture image and data content and provide to Coles in their required format for online & catalogue use. SKUvantage has an excellent knowledge of the content requirements for ecommerce, gained from implementing multi channel capability at major retailers. SKUvantage provides product content services including imagery, data capture, product descriptions and 360° rotations and has captured thousands of images and products’ content for numerous FMCG and other clients. Our highly flexible SKUlibrary platform can be used to share any content with your network of customers and business partners. Register your inquiry at, email or call 02 8484 0345